LBL Marketplace

Fair Trade Policy for Sellers / Vendors

Fraudulent Dealing

1. The seller obtains payment by providing goods, services or logistics information that are false or inconsistent with the description of the product listing.

2. Implementing fraudulent acts through third-party accounts

3. Sending a phishing link or Trojan virus information in order to defraud other people

4. Fraudulently using the name of LBL Marketplace and its affiliates or LBL Marketplace customer service

Anti-Competitive Behavior

LBL Marketplace does not tolerate Anti-Competitive behavior by the sellers. All those business practices that prevent and/or reduce competition on LBL Marketplace are considered as violation of this policy.

Examples of anti-competitive behavior includes, but is not limited to the following scenarios:
Competitor harm: The seller maliciously orders, maliciously evaluates, or maliciously complains to other sellers by themselves or by using other member accounts, affecting the reputation and normal operation of other sellers.


  • Malicious order: refers to the seller's use of member accounts to place orders from other sellers, which affects the normal operation of other sellers, such as other sellers going out of stock.
  • Malicious evaluation: refers to the seller using member account to place orders from other sellers, and then leaving bad reviews and ratings.
  • Malicious Complaint: Seller A complains to the other sellers by himself or through member account. The complaints of Seller A are completely baseless, and intentions are to damage the goodwill of the sellers and attack the legitimate operations of the peer sellers.

Fulfillment Fraud

Tracking Misrepresentation

Seller tries to change the tracking details mentioned on freight bill for any reason. For example, Filling invalid Air way bill details that are unrelated to the order transaction.

Examples of Tracking Misrepresentation are listed but are not limited to the following:

    1.   Invalid shipping tracking reference number
    2.   The buyer and seller are maliciously colluded, and in the absence of real order transactions, misleading the LBL Marketplace platform through                   . 
    3.   Misappropriation of false shipments
    4.   Valid shipping tracking reference number but given tracking number has no obvious relationship with the order transaction
    5.   The seller induces the buyer to confirm the receipt in advance when the goods are not received