About LBL Marketplace

LBL Marketplace is a community project of LBL Corporation USA to provide a showcase to quality products and vendors from around the world. It is a Community-Corporate Partner Program where members of LBL can avail privileges like discounts, deals and cashback on necessities of life like health, education, grocery, clothing, etc. offered by our corporate partners.

LBL Corporation has engaged more than 150,000 people from 100 plus countries by providing soft skills, technology, and entrepreneurship training through its online training portal www.LearnBuildLead.com and training webinars.

LBL Marketplace business model is a combo of Traditional E-Commerce Business and Shared Economy Business, where we invite traditional suppliers and merchants to shelf their products as well as provide an opportunity to our LBL existing customers to introduce products and services as LBL Merchants.

Our Merchants and Suppliers at Marketplace share their marketing and advertisement budget or their profit margins with LBL Marketplace. Those margins are passed on to our customers as discounts and cashback in terms of loyalty points. Our customers also earn loyalty points on referring other customers to LBL Marketplace. The points they earn are redeemed for further shopping. This mechanism helps customers increase their buying power so when they spend more on LBL Marketplace, it gives more business to our Merchants and Suppliers.

This also creates opportunity for self-employment for hundreds of people who can use their skills and time to market LBL Marketplace and bring customers, they also earn their commissions as loyalty points and redeem their points by various options.

LBL Marketplace keeps a small administrative cost and passes maximum margin to consumers and members.

LBL Marketplace have an edge over other marketplaces by engaging its skilled global sales force of more than 50,000 entrepreneurs who are provided product trainings to present and sale different products available on LBL Marketplace. Imagine a sales force that is present in different parts of the world marketing your products in their regions at a cost of your marketing and advertisement budget.

It’s a Win-Win Business Model where everyone gets the benefit by sharing their resources either in terms of marketing budget or skills and efforts to get their share in form of rewards.